Greetings and welcome to my digital abode!

I’m Gerbert the Grelf, the wild inhabitant of the enchanted forest, and I’m all about making meme coin magic happen on the Hedera network.

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Lightning-Fast Transactions

Powered by the Hedera network, GRELF offers unmatched transaction speeds, ensuring your trades are quick and efficient.

Strong Community

Join a vibrant and growing community that values humor, creativity, and engagement. Be part of a movement that celebrates the unique and unconventional.

Secure and Reliable

Built on Hedera’s robust and secure platform, GRELF ensures your investments are protected with top-tier security measures.

Innovative and Fun

GRELF isn’t just a memecoin; it’s a revolution in entertainment and finance. Invest in a project that prioritizes fun and innovation.

Future Potential

With a solid foundation and a dedicated team, GRELF is poised for significant growth. Be part of a project with exciting prospects and endless possibilities.

Worlds fastest Memecoin
Move over, slo-mo coins! We GRELF zoom with Hedera ‘nitro’ speed – it’s like crypto on Red Bull! ⚡🐢 Say hi to warp-speed trades and bye to yawns!
Built on Hedera

We chose Hedera to build our GRELF empire because it’s the Formula One track of crypto networks! With lightning speed and Fort Knox security, Hedera is our turbo boost to meme greatness! 🏁💥

Most Memes

More memes than a cat has lives – that’s us! We’ve got meme game strong enough to lift a spaceship. Join the meme team with GRELF and let’s meme our way to the moon!

Really funny

Tired of memecoins that are drier than a desert? Get ready for a splash of genuine fun! We’re the unicorn of the crypto world – real, rare, and rolling with laughter. GRELF: where fun isn’t just a side quest, it’s the main event!

How can I buy GRELF?

Get Hashpack

Head to Hashpack and download the right version for your device. It’s the first step to joining the GRELF gang!

Secure your Seed

After setting up your wallet, you’ll get a seed phrase. Guard it like GRELF guards his last acorn. Losing it would be nutty!

Load up on HBARs

Visit your favorite exchange, like Coinbase, and buy some HBARs. Think of them as the golden acorns of the cribdo world.

Open the dApp Browser

In your Hashpack, find and launch the dApp Browser. It’s like GRELF’s map to the enchanted forest of tokens!

Visit Saucerswap

Navigate to SaucerSwap. Here’s where the magic happens. And by magic, we mean swapping, not GRELF’s sock puppet shows.

Swap for Grelf

Choose the amount of HBARs you want to trade, select GRELF, and confirm. Soon, you’ll have GRELF tokens struttin’ in your wallet!

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GRELF Tokenomics

Symbol: GRELF
Supply Type: FINITE
Initial Supply: 6,666,666
Total Supply: 6,666,666
Max Supply: 6,666,666
Decimals: 8

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